Doll Accessories

Doll Accessories


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3 1/2″ Long (at tallest point), with a 7″ waist. Antique French Fashion boned cotton doll corset, with laced up front, three round metal fasteners in back.  The corset edging color is French blue, and there is darker blue embroidered trim embellishment. From the estate collection of Maurine Popp  . Circa 1870 $225.00

1 1/4″ Long, and 7/8″ wide. Antique bronzed oxblood color leather dolls purse, with stamped gold rose design, for your French Fashion doll. The inside opens to three divided compartments, and there is a (loose) elastic closing. Circa 1870 $125.00

3 1/2″ Long, antique embossed gold metal Belle Epoch style Victorian doll mirror, with cardboard backing. Circa 1890’s $95.00

2″ Long, and 1/2″ wide. Antique slip on rubbers, for your French Fashion to slip on over her heeled shoes, or store in your dolls wardrobe trunk. Embossed: Wales Goodyear on the side of the shoes. The rubber is still pliable, with no splits. Circa 1800’s $250.00

7″ Long, and 2 1/2″ in diameter, antique hand-stitched cloth “dolls travel bag,” for use with a French Fashion doll. The bag is made of a heavy tan cotton material, with brown braid trim, a two button closing, has two handles, and at each end there is an embroidered initial. Inside, there is the original antique fringed a red and black wool plaid doll lap robe that came with the travel bag. Circa 1870 $250.00

3 1/2″ Long, and 3″ tall, antique Pekinese dog, of cotton, and fur over a wooden frame. He has glass eyes, and molded face. For a companion to your French Fashion doll, or French Bebe accessory. Circa 1890-1910 era $175.00

Tiny 1 1/8″ antique hand blown blue glass Perfume bottle, with ground pontil bottom, called “end of the day” glass, decorated with a floral design of foil, with applied glass, (a little of the applied glass has come off) with brass removable screw top. (The original loop on the top of the cap is gone). The bottle will stand by itself on a dolls bureau. Circa 1860’s $125.00

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Antique dolls oval shaped picnic basket. The lid is detached, yet still usable to hang over your dolls arm.2 1/2″ tall to the top of the handle, and 2 1/4″ long. Circa 1890 $75.00
fdle.jpg (58052 bytes) Antique Doll sleeves, for your French Fashion doll to wear under her jacket! The sleeves are made of an off white organdy and measure 6″ long, and are 3 1/4″ around the bottom of the cuff. They have delicate lace, and white linen covered button trim. Circa 1860’s $175.00
smwrr.jpg (8879 bytes) 2 1/2″ Antique gold over tin embossed Victorian doll mirror. Circa 1880 $125.00

extr.jpg (7941 bytes) Tiny antique lithographed paper over cardboard dometop paper hinged trunk.7/8″ To the top of the dome, 1 1/4″ long, and 3/4″ deep. The trunk was originally sold as a candy box…what every well traveled Fashion Doll should have! The labels read: Express, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Petersburg. There is some wear along the edges. Circa 1890 $125.00
inwel.jpg (10748 bytes) 1″ Tall,1 3/4″ long, gold ormolu inkwell, with one blown glass well. Embossed Art Noveau floral design. Circa 1870 $250.00
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Antique French Fashion doll watch, with chain, and hook to attach to your dolls waist belt. The watch measures almost 3/4″ across the face. The face is paper, has gold painted hands, and is marked: MD France, under a glass top (cracked). The watch has a brass colored tin case, with embossed design on the back. The chain measures 4″,the hook is 1″.This would look nice hanging from the waist of on an 18″-22″ size fashion doll. Circa 1880 $150.00
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1 1/2″ Long, and 1″ high, deep red antique leather folding doll purse, in an envelope shape. The purse opens, with three compartments, and there is a leather loop at the top, which can be attached to a leather belt around your Fashion dolls waist. Circa 1860’s $150.00
pwath.jpg (6717 bytes) 3/4″ Across, and 1″ tall, Antique hard pewter dolls pocket watch, great for a 22″ (and larger) fashionable “Gentleman” china or bisque doll. The face is embossed (hands don’t move), and the back is also embossed…with a fancy art noveau design. Circa 1800’s $58.00
rrort.jpg (10074 bytes) 4″ Antique wooden Fashion doll mirror, of a dark hard wood, inset with two lighter colored bands of wood around the glass mirror. Circa 1800’s $125.00
4binc.jpg (7451 bytes) 7/8″ Antique (gold wash) fancy embossed metal binoculars, when you hold them to your eye, you can see a picture of a ship, the USS Indiana. Circa 1900. $125.00
zsde.jpg (7655 bytes) 1 1/4″ Long, and 3/4″ wide, antique oxblood color leather folding fashion dolls purse, with embossed gold rose decoration. There are three compartments when the purse is opened, and an elastic closing (stretched). Circa 1870 $195.00
ifty.jpg (24712 bytes) 2 1/4″ Wooden doll fan, with painted bird and floral decoration. The fan opens to 3 3/4″ across, and is threaded with blue silk ribbon (melting) Circa 1800’s $250.00
frfashion2a_sold1.jpg (67384 bytes) Pink [SOLD] or Blue glass bead necklace for your doll, with hollow “gold” bead accents. $50.00