Vintage Dolls

Vintage Dolls
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stem16.jpg (84006 bytes) 16″ Composition marked Shirley Temple doll, by Ideal. With only light crazing, with crackled eyes. She has her original wig, socks, and shoes, and replaced vintage untagged clothing, done in the appropriate style. Circa 1930’s $450.00
12″ Vinyl Shirley Temple doll, by Ideal,marked:ST-12 IDEAL DOLL. All original, her hair even has the original hair net in place. Her eyes show light in the photo, but they are the correct color, and not faded. Circa 1957

82shi.jpg (58229 bytes) 12″ Vinyl Shirley Temple Dolls, by Ideal, with sleep eyes, mint in the original boxes, includes: “Poor Little Rich Girl”, “Dimples”, Suzannah of The Mounties”, “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”. Circa 1983 $80.00

marsfi.jpg (80852 bytes) 15″ Vinyl Shirley Temple doll, by IDEAL made for Ward’s (department store) Anniversary. She has hazel sleep eyes, full lashes, dark blonde hair, open mouth, with teeth. Marked: IDEAL ST-15 Hong Kong on her head and back. She has a soft vinyl head and arms, with a rigid vinyl body, and legs. She is all original, including her marked Ideal white vinyl side strap shoes. Circa 1972 $250.00

danmin.jpg (77597 bytes) 18″ Porcelain Shirley Temple doll, by Danbury Mint. MIB Circa 1993

12″ vinyl Shirley Temple dolls, by Ideal  Toy Co. All are MIB (mint in their original boxes) All have sleep eyes, and jointed limbs. They are dressed in the clothing from the Shirley Temple movies: “Heidi”, “Stowaway”, “The Littlest Rebel”, and “Captain January”. Circa 1982 $80.00

20rwbtz.jpg (106741 bytes) 18″ Composition Shirley Temple, marked on her back: SHIRLEY TEMPLE 18,and on the back of her neck: SHIRLEY TEMPLE. She has hazel sleep eyes, (crackled), her original blonde mohair wig, and is wearing her original outfit. The dress is untagged, and a dress I have never seen before, (perhaps done by Molleye?) but IS commercially made, from the 1930’s,and fits her perfectly. She has only a tiny bit of crazing, and has had NO repaint. There is wear to the paint showing on her neck. The finish is very smooth, and different from my other Shirley’s, even her markings are unusual. Circa 1930’s $895.00

16ysdt.jpg (87755 bytes) 16″ Composition Shirley Temple by Ideal. Marked on the back of her head: 16 Shirley Temple Co P Ideal N & T, and marked on her back: 16 Shirley Temple. She has hazel sleep eyes, full lashes, open mouth with teeth, and tongue. She is wearing a  yellow cotton dress, made in the princess style, untagged, but the dress was commercially made, of the correct material and vintage 1930’s,and it came on her. Her wig is original, and she is wearing her original teddy. She has replaced vintage socks, and shoes. There is hairline crazing, her eyes are cloudy, and the first two toes on her left foot are chipped. Circa 1930’s $795.00

16″ Vinyl Shirley Temple doll, Mint in her original box! Made by IDEAL, the box is dated 1973 Ideal Toy Corp. No 1125.She is wearing her original red/white dotted dress from “Baby Takes a Bow”. The box has the original cellophane, (some warping) and pictures of her various movies. The box measures 12″x 20″. Circa 1970’s $195.00